Innovative, environmentally adapted Wood Protection

SiOO:X Wood Protection products are water-based and environmentally adapted, with a unique patented formula based on silicate-potassium.


Our unique products, with their strong bonding properties, provide an outstanding penetraltion into the wood. You can use the products on all typed of wood, both old and new. SiOO:X treatment ensures a very long-lasting fresh and natural silver-gray wooden surface.


  • 01 Forms a natural protective barrier
  • 02 Extends the wood’s lifetime
  • 03 Beautiful silver-grey surface
  • 04 Easy application and maintenance

SiOO:X Premium Wood/Surface Protection Deck Step 1 & 2

SiOO:X Premium Wood/Surface Protection Panel Step 1 & 2

SiOO:X PreWash

SiOO:X Premium Wood/Surface Protection Marine Step 1 & 2

SiOO:X Maintenance Wash

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