Made by Earth

SiOO:X patented wood protection has been inspired and designed by nature.

Natural silicon-based wood protection and pretreated wood

Sioo Wood Protection AB are leaders in wood protection using silicon technology to provide the highly effective proven SiOO:X system. It enhances the performance of many wood types in above ground applications giving long life, a beautiful natural surface and is friendly to people and the environment.

Visionary wooden architecture

Sioo Wood Protection wants to help create good architecture in high quality wood.


So we are highly focused on creating a wood protector that gives architects creative freedom in the creation process, enabling them to achieve their architectonic vision. This applies regardless of whether the project is the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper or smaller wooden buildings being constructed cost-effectively in parts of the world where economic conditions are tough.


SiOO:X wood protection can be applied to almost all wood types and wooden construction techniques, and provides effective multi-protection against all climatic and weather conditions. Because SiOO:X provides dynamic multi-protection, wooden buildings and constructions treated with SiOO:X can be found in every corner of the world. We have extensive knowledge of the type of wood best suited to different climates.

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Bespoke projects


Chichester Grand Designs House


The Cardrona Cabin


Escapade Silverstone

The cities of the future will be constructed of wood

We have a shared responsibility to find a solution for creating a more sustainable world. As the cement and steel industries cause 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, we need new standards for construction. Sioo Wood Protection must be a driving force to create change, and we aim to work with innovative architects and construction companies to facilitate sustainable construction with high quality architecture.


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