Terms of Use

1. Maintenance is vital to sustain the appearance of the structure and to ensure long life. Dirt can build up particularly on horizontal surfaces and with everyday use by the public, surfaces can be scraped and damaged.


2. If dirt is allowed to establish it can be a source of food for algae. Algae can form on any surface whether treated or otherwise. The surface substrate of the object is protected by the Sioo:x treatment from the encroachment of algae and mold. The key is to clean the dirt away and any algae which do form.


3. The cleaning of Sioo:x treated surfaces is easy to achieve as the surfaces are toughened by the treatment and cracking and splinting are resisted. The smooth lustrous surface facilitates effective maintenance.


4. The structure surfaces should be surveyed regularly, and any dirt deposits or debris brushed away. This and occasional washing with a hose will keep the surfaces clean and defend against algae growth. Avoid using a pressure washer. Care should be taken not to brush off the Sioo:x Surface Protector.


5. Periodically, and after the winter period inspect the structure and if there is any algae growth on the surface, use a surfactant cleaner such as the Sioo:x Maintenance wash to remove any algae and staining. If heavy washing is carried out it is recommended that the surface is recoated locally with Sioo:x Premium Surface Protector to reseal the surface. In the case of any severe algae formation, stronger agents should be used to remove it. The Sioo:x Premium Wood Protector itself has a cleaning action and can be applied to remove severe cases of algae and staining. Rub/apply the Sioo:x Premium Wood Protector onto the affected area and leave to soak. Wipe away any sediment and leave it to dry. Apply a coat of Sioo:x Surface Protector to the cleaned area.


6. At ground level and around the staircases the structure will be subject to operational wear such as scratching and scuffing. Minor surface damage can be repaired by applying the Sioo:x Premium Surface Protector to the affected area.


7. If the integrity of the surface treatment is breached through physical damage apply Sioo:x Premium Wood Protector once to the affected area followed by the Sioo:x Premium Surface Protector.


8. If the surface is marked by graffiti to remove follow the recommendations in 5.


9. Over some time there may be some local wash out of the mineral pigment (when pigmented Sioo:x has been used). If this occurs the Sioo:x Premium Surface Protector can be reapplied to the affected area. Sioo:x is a silicate-based penetrant that cures fully over a period of three years and forms a network of silica crystals in the timber substrate. A natural silver greying takes place so if there is any pigment wash out it will be increasingly less noticeable making it unnecessary to apply more pigmented treatment.


10. The Sioo:x treatment gives a surface finish that is bright and properly maintained will last for many years. The key is to keep the treated surfaces clean.


11. At the end of treatment life there is no “fall off the cliff” failure. The silica deposited in the timber is there permanently. There will be a gradual darkening of the finish and it is an aesthetic judgment on the timing to reapply.


12. When it is decided that the treatment is to be redone again the whole structure should be thoroughly cleaned and the complete Sioo:x system be applied over the spring/summer period in dry calm weather conditions.


13. At any time when applying Sioo:x for maintenance, the treatment instructions must be adhered to with the required agitation of the fluid and the application made onto dry surfaces in suitable dry and calm weather conditions with the temperature above 6 degrees centigrade.

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