Sioo's research and development team

We at Sioo aim to create products that have a long life cycle without adversely affecting our surroundings. It is a strong operation we have and what sets the tone for several of our projects. Because we are serious about it and do not compromise on our own set rules, we are being noticed by research institutes around the world who are interested in what we do.


The team mainly works to develop and strengthen the naturally strong and positive properties of our emulusion, a silicon potassium mixture. Both organic raw materials that are renewable and found naturally on our planet.

The focus is on making the product sustainable from today’s and the future’s perspectives. The investment will generate a long life cycle, acceptable maintenance but also create sustainable conditions for the people who have chosen the product. The conditions are to some extent aesthetic as our product speaks in agreement with nature. It creates a calmness and is also fantastic to walk and feel.


We produce our emulsion in Gothenburg and the team sits in the same building as production and residual units. We as a group often act together when we make new discoveries and want to say that our quality and love for our world feels all the way through development, production, marketing and sales.


Through research, we have also discovered that Sioo’s products are suitable around the world. One of the prerequisites for our products to develop and create the protection that is intended is moisture. Where moisture and steam are there, Sioo develops to protect the wood. Unlike other more traditional wood-protecting products where moisture and steam do not favor the protection.


We also research different types of wood- how they age, what resilience they themselves have and, of course, what happens when we put on Sioo’s products. This work is important from a global sustainability perspective as we collaborate with designers and architects world wide. They, in turn, have an effort to build sustainable structures that last over time but also leave so little imprint on our planet during the production itself.

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