Decking Protection

Fit for

Decking, docks, outdoor furniture and other wood on the deck

Easy application and maintenance

SiOO:X treatment reinforces and strengthens the wood surface


A smooth, attractive silver-grey color and comfortable surface

Life span

Up to 12 years

SiOO:X wood protection system for decks consists of a base coat and an additional finish coat. Together they penetrate and form a strong interface with the wood, resulting in natural silver-grey wood surfaces.


The base coat is called SiOO:X Wood Protection Deck. The product opens the surface and penetrates the wood down to its fibers. A mineral layer forms within that strengthens and protects the wood for up to 12 years (on pressure-treated wood). The additional finish treatment is called SiOO:X Surface Protection Deck. This product also penetrates deep down into the wood and fixes the treatment, while forming a water-repellent outer layer.




  • For decking, docks, outdoor furniture, and other wood on the deck.
  • Also works on wood surfaces indoors, as well as in attics and basements.
  • Suitable for the following types of wood: pine, teak, Siberian larch, hardwood, sawed larch, and spruce paneling, cedar, heart pine, thermo-treated wood.


Main advantages: 


  • Provides a clean and smooth silver-gray wood surface
  • Up to 12 years durability (Premium Wood Protection Deck on pressure-treated wood)
  • Requires only simple maintenance
  • Strengthens the wood surface and protects against damaging UV radiation
  • Helps prevent dirt, mildew, algae, and mild rot
  • Less expensive in the long run than traditional wood protection products


SiOO:X Wood-protection STEP 1 is the base coat of your SiOO:X-treatment. Applied two times, it provides for a strong protection deep within the fibers of your wooden deck. SiOO:X Surface STEP 2 is the finishing coat of your SiOO:X-treatment. Apply it once right after the base coat has dried up. Apply again after 12-18 months for long lasting durability.


Contents and Amount required:

Wood Protection Deck: On untreated wood. One liter is sufficient to cover a total of about 4–5m2 with two coats. Contents: Silicon, potassium, natural plant parts, and water.


Surface Protection Deck: For new untreated wood you will need about 8–10 m2/L per coat. Contents: Silane and siloxane emulsions, water


Amount required may vary depending on the species, age, condition, and surface structure.

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