Cladding Protection

Fit for

Untreated wood, hard types of wood and demanding outdoor surfaces.


A smooth, attractive silver-grey color and comfortable surface.

Life span

Up to 15 years

Get the house siding that everyone wants to copy – for up to 15 years. Premium Wood Protection Panel and Premium Surface Protection Panel strengthen the wood paneling of your house and give it the silver-grey luster that will inspire and set the trend for the entire neighborhood for a long time to come.




  • Can be used on untreated lumber, both old and new wood
  • Use preferably on vertical wall paneling
  • Also works on soffits, screens, fences, and garden furniture


Main advantages:


  • Provides a clean and smooth silver-grey wood surface
  • Up to 15 years durability (applies to Premium Wood Protection Panel)
  • Requires only simple maintenance
  • Strengthens the wood surface and protects against damaging UV radiation
  • Helps to resist dirt, mildew, and mild rot
  • Water repellent and vapor-permeable
  • Less expensive in the long run than traditional wood protection products


Amount required:

Premium Wood Protection Panel: On an untreated sawn panel 1 liter is usually sufficient to cover 3–4 m2. Planed surfaces often take up half as much liquid.

Premium Surface Protection Panel: 1 liter covers ca 8–12 m2 per coat.


The amount required may vary depending on the species, age, condition, and surface structure.



Silicon, potassium, natural plant parts, and water.

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