SiOO:X Premium Wood/Surface Protection Deck Step 1 & 2

Fit for

Decking, patios, outdoor furniture, pool-decks and docks

Life span

Up to 8 years


A durable, beautiful silver-gray wooden surface

Premium Wood Protection Deck provides a beautiful silver-gray, attractive deck that beckons to spending even more quality time with family and friends for a long time to come.  An innovative, environmentally adapted Wood Protection based on swedish technology.




  • Decks, docks above the water’s surface, pool decks and garden furniture
  • All types of wood suitable for outdoor use, both old and new wood, untreated and pressure-treated


Main advantages:


  • Provides a natural and smooth silver-gray wood surface
  • Up to 8 years durability (applies to Premium Wood Protection Deck on pressure treated wood)
  • Water based
  • Reduces the formation of mildew, algae and light rot
  • Requires only simple maintenance
  • Strengthens and mineralizes the wood
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Protects against damaging UV-radiation
  • Fewer cracks and splinters
  • Vapor-permeable (the wood breathes)


How to do it?



Download the Leaflet

Download Consumption Table


SiOO:X Wood Protection System for decks consists of a base coat and an additional finish coat. Together they penetrate and form a strong interface with the wood, resulting in natural silver-gray wood surfaces.


STEP 1, base coat, SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection Deck. The product opens up and penetrates into the wood. A silica layer forms that strengthens and protects the wood for up to 8 years (on pressure-treated wood).


STEP 2, the finish coat, SiOO:X Premium Surface Protection Deck. This product also penetrates deep down into the wood and fixes
the treatment, while forming a water-repellent outer layer.

See the leaflet above for instructions of use.


Amount required*

Premium Wood Protection Deck: On untreated wood, one gallon is sufficient to cover a total of about 150–200 sq ft including two coats.
Premium Surface Protection Deck: On recommended wood, one gallon covers about 325–400 sq ft in one coat.


*Amount required may vary depending on the species, age, condition and surface structure.



Wood Protection: Potassium silicate,  natural plant parts and water.

Surface Protection: Silane and siloxane emulsions, water.

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