Farmhouse Villa, Gibsons

A modern farmhouse, Scandinavian-style

A 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver is enough to change the scenery: from metropolis to countryside, from skyscrapers to small villas, marinas and summerhouses. The sunshine coast In British Columbia, Canada, is a coveted area for both tourism and residential development. Along the inspiring coastline of Gibsons, new ideas in architecture and lifestyle are thriving. An example of new, inspiring projects is a modern farmhouse, influenced by European designs and techniques.


For the owner, Andrew Tophan, it was all about building a place to live in and love. In search for a slower pace, Andrew and his family found the perfect spot, near the ocean, at the sunshine coast. However, through the architect team at Mobius, the concept of single-family home got an extra dimension and became a bespoke addition to the neighbourhood.


While still a an ample 2800 sq ft. residence for 4 family-members, the project became an incubator for European building techniques and innovative designs. In short, a modern farmhouse “Scandinavian style”. This included extensive high-performance windows for maximum light, a shiny silvery tin roof and locally sourced cedar-sidings along the whole façade, finished with SiOO:X Panel Colours, a patented Swedish wood protection technology.

Weathered grey from the start

Attention to details helped make the difference in this home. The bright interior was warmed with the use of reclaimed fir timbers for shelving and stairs. The high efficiency heating system was designed to keep the durable concrete floors warm and cozy, while always supplying fresh air to the occupants. Meanwhile, elements are kept at bay with a robust building envelope system that included high performance European style windows.

The walls are externally clad with Western red cedar, a local wood species that allows for SiOO:X Wood Protection to penetrate easily, due to cedars open-pored structure.


Through SiOO:X silicate technology, the wood-fibres are strengthened from within, while the usually coarse surface of rough-sawn cedar gets more pleasant to the touch. The choice of a pigmented SiOO:X-solution gives the wood an oyster-grey colour right from the start, while the hardening-process continues under the surface for up to 15 years. The long durability as well as the weathered look of SiOO:X makes it a prime choice for innovative cladding projects.



Owner Andrew Topham brought out the paint sprayer and brush himself to treat all the panels by hand – 8000 sq ft in total. It took him several weekends to apply the stain manually, since SiOO:X needs twice a layer of Wood Protection and one layer Surface Protection to protect the wood completely. The do-it-yourself-part turned out to be a welcome diversion from everyday work, while it prepared Andrew for this new chapter as a house-owner. Finally, in 2021, the family got the key and made themselves at home.


Today, an improved formula for SiOO:X Panel Colours makes it even easier to apply the product by hand. A higher viscosity and a higher content of the wood-protecting silica lowers the risk of uneven coats or bleeding. Even for builders and contractors who have the possibility of factory treatment, the new generation of SiOO:X Panel Colour-finish is a reliable, user-friendly product.

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