Patented silicon formula

Patented silicon formula

The use of silicon technology to protect and preserve wood was already developed in nineteenth century Germany. We have refined this technology and created a patented silicon formula for a unique wood protection product – that contains no toxins. Our silicon-based wood protection products are based on mechanical principles. Simply put, the product’s silicon crystals penetrate and strengthen wood, while forming a physical barrier.


Older silicon technology entailed very large silicon molecules, while ours are considerably smaller. The advantage of our small silicon molecules and potassium as an additive is that our minerals quickly penetrate into all wood and enter into the fibers and voids within the wood. Then, with no additional effort needed, it unites with the wood and forms a silicon crystalline layer that grows in size and forms a strong protective barrier deep in the wood. This barrier prevents microorganisms from getting into the wood and using it as source of nutrition, while also strengthening the wood so it lasts longer. In other words, your deck and paneling remain healthy under the lovely silver-gray surface.


An old traditional silicon technology uses sodium as an additive to silicon (often called waterglass), which in our experience hardens too rapidly when applied to wood. There it forms broad polymer/gel structures that adhere to the wood surface rather than penetrating deeper. We rejected this technology because, in our experience, it often results in an overly stiff, hard mineral surface on top of the wood that is subject to natural expansion and contraction. There are many examples of how this technology leads to tension that cracks and breaks the mineral layer, thereby damaging the underlying wood. In our experience it results in a significantly shorter lifespan for treated surfaces on decks than our SiOO:X technology.


More info: Forest stewardship council®

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