Eco-friendly products

Environmentally-friendly products

It is vital for every person on this earth to have a more livable environment to live in. With no toxic or harmful chemicals to affect us humans. This is given for everyone one at Sioo.


EU laws require every manufacturer to demonstrate that their products are safe before they get to store shelves. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always work that way. But as consumers, we all want to feel safe. It is important for all companies to replace toxic and hazardous chemicals with non-toxic products.


“At Sioo, we take this highly seriously! Our products are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous chemicals,” says Herje Boström.


In Sweden, we have the National Wildlife Federation (Naturskyddsföreningen) primarily lobbying for legislative changes to ban hazardous chemicals from all products sold on the market. The products must be shown to be safe. The National Wildlife Federation not only works to impose maximum levels of hazardous chemicals in products, but also to force consideration of various combinatory effects between chemicals in different products.


We use small silicon molecules and potassium in our SiOO:X products. These otherwise occur naturally in wood and plants, and also quickly penetrate into the wood and wood fibers. They combine with the wood to form a layer that grows thicker, and which provides durable protection, like a deep shield. This protects the wood from microorganisms that otherwise will penetrate into wood.


“This also strengthens the wood, and will last over a longer period,” explains Mr. Boström.

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