The Slow Fight

12 punishing years in an extreme climate

Wood protection with up to 12 years durability

To prove Sioo:x’s unbeatable durability, we’re inviting our competitors within traditional wood care to a live showdown against the power of nature.


The fight will last for 12 years in a place where the extreme climate guarantees a true test of strength and endurance. Do you think your product can beat Sioo:x?


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Sioo:x Treatment vs. No Treatment
Time left of the fight:
0 Years
0 Days
0 Hours
0 Minutes
0 Seconds
  • 0.8 mm in July
  • 65.9 mm since the fight began
Average temperature
  • 13.3 °c in July
  • 4.2 °c since the fight began
Average wind speed
  • 5.6 m/s in July
  • 19.2 m/s since the fight began
Do you want to visit Lofoten and sit ringside?

Follow the fight and see its most critical moments in pictures

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