Premium Wood/Surface Protection Marine Step 1 & 2

Fit for

For durable silver-grey teak-surfaces on boats as well as teak-furniture

Life span

Up to 8 years

Fit for

A smooth, attractive silver-grey color and comfortable surface

Make your old teak deck look like new – for up to 8 years. Premium Wood Protection Marine and Premium Surface Protection Marine provide your teak deck with a natural silver-grey, durable and attractive surface – which you will appreciate when sailing for years to come.



Can be used on both new and old teak


Main advantages


  • Saves and freshens up old teak
  • Gives the teak a natural silver-grey surface
  • Up to 8 years durability (applies to Premium Wood Protection Marine)
  • Requires only simple maintenance
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Prevents formation of algae and spores
  • Makes the teak clean, smooth and cool (the light surface and silicon-crystals reflect sunlight)
  • UV resistant and provides good UV protection
  • Water repellent and vapor-permeable (the wood breathes)
  • Less expensive in the long run than traditional wood protection products


Amount Required

Premium Wood Protection Marine: On untreated wood one liter is sufficient for about 4-5 m² in two coats.

Premium Surface Protection Marine: One liter covers about 8–12 m² for each coat.


*The amount required depends on the age and condition of the teak.



Silicon, potassium, natural plant parts and water.

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