Here you will find guidance, guides and answers to frequently asked questions about Sioo:x.

How do I clean my SiOO:X-treated deck?

The easiest way to clean the treated surface is with our maintenance wash and a medium-soft deck scrub brush. Tree, shrub and flower debris nourishes green algae, so it is important to keep the Sioox surface completely clean. Directions Brush with a medium-soft brush, preferably using SiOO:X Maintenance Wash.Dilute 1/4 cup Maintenance Wash in 2 gallons of lukewarm water and spread evenly over the surface; leave it on for about 20 minutes. Brush the surface gently with the medium-soft brush or sponge, then rinse well with water. It is important that the detergent does not contain bleach and has a pH of 7 or more; do not use soap. If the dirt is stubborn and cannot be removed with the medium-soft brush, use a stiffer brush and a stronger concentration of Maintenance Wash. Next apply a coat of SiOO:X Surface Protection to the places where the surface protection is damaged. For heavy growth algae remover can also be used, but brush gently to avoid scrubbing off the SiOO:X Surface Protection. If the algae remover is alkaline (pH over 8) the surface protection must be reapplied.

How often should I clean my SiOO:X treated deck?

It is important to keep the surface clean at all times; shaded areas are especially important to keep free of dirt since these surfaces do not dry off as easily, which promotes algae growth.

How do I prepare the surface for treatment?

The surface should be clean down to the wood and dry. A deck that was previously oiled or black needs high-pressure washing using deck cleaner. Rinse well. If the surface is in poor condition it should be sanded to remove black areas and splinters. SiOO:X does not repair existing cracks and chips, but does prevent new cracks. Untreated decks that are new, or in good condition, can just be washed with Maintenance Wash and rinsed well.

Do I need to cover adjacent surfaces when I want to paint with SiOO:X?

Glass, stone, plastic and metal must be protected. If dripping or running should occur, wipe clean with a damp cloth before the product dries. It’s a good idea to keep a cloth and a bucket of water handy. SiOO:X does not eat into the surface and can therefore be removed. During the first few weeks, excess product from the SiOO:X treatment (not yet cured) may leak if exposed to heavy rainfall and come into contact with the sensitive materials named above. If this risk is present (e.g., glass sections on fences, or windows and glass doors), these surfaces must be covered for an extended period of time. Splashes from SiOO:X products on the above surfaces can be removed by carefully scraping the area with a scraper/razor blade and alternately scrubbing the area with a cotton rag and soapy water. If the products leach out after application onto sensitive surfaces like glass, these areas can be rubbed clean using an appropriate car wax. Contact SiOO:X for advice. SiOO:X does not damage galvanized sheet metal, screws, or nails.

How do I apply SiOO:X?

The easiest and best way is to use a broad flat brush on a long shaft to avoid kneeling. Apply the liquid and spread with brush. Spread any excess so that no puddles remain on the surface.

How long does it take for the deck to turn silver-gray?

The treated wood is initially yellowish brown and a little blotchy. The curing and bleaching process starts on contact with water, and after 2–4 weeks your deck will begin to have a lovely, even silver-gray color. The process then continues for up to 1 year. The change in color is mainly driven by water from rain and moisture in the air. In this process, the SiOO:X products gradually mature and form solid protective silicon structures inside the wood. The smooth, strong silver-gray surface gradually builds up. Following the first few rainfalls, light and sometimes dark blotchy areas form where standing water has occurred. Note that this is completely normal for the SiOO:X technology and is not harmful. It is actually the first step in the process and will ultimately even out. Be patient and wait a month or more for the lovely SiOO:X surface to emerge. If any part of the surface treated with SiOO:X is under roof or otherwise protected from rain, you can speed up the process by thoroughly soaking the surface with a gentle spray until the water soaks through the surface protection. Important: do not use high pressure, which will instead wear away the surface protection. Use a soft brush to work the water in. Deck surfaces under small overhangs will lighten, but it may take longer.

How much liquid will I need?

If the deck wood is new, divide the area by 5; in other words, a 25 m2 deck would require 5 litres of Wood Protection Deck, and the same quantity (5 litres) of Surface Protection Deck is needed for two years of treatments. If you only want Surface Protection Deck for the first year of treatment, divide the surface area in square meters by 8; in the example above, you will need 3.2 litres. Older decks usually require more since the wood is drier and has more cracks. It is difficult to say exactly how much is required (it also depends on how generously you apply the product and how thoroughly you work in the liquid), but a ballpark formula would be to add: – 10% for 1 year – 20% for 2 years – 25% for 3 years – 30–35% for 8 years or older. These calculations apply to pressure-treated pine. The quantity required may be different for other types of wood. Other factors may increase the quantity required: – Application by spray painting – Application in warm and dry weather – Extremely dry wood The amount of surface protection required increases only marginally since the surface is already saturated when it is applied.

What do I do if it rains before application of Surface Protection?

Wall surfaces tolerate a lot of rain since the water runs off. Horizontal surfaces on decks, etc., to which Wood Protection Deck is applied can tolerate a light rain of up to about 0.2 inches. If it rains harder, some of the wood protection leaches away, though most will remain in the wood. If it rains more than about 0.2 inches on a horizontal surface, apply additional wood protection. If you had time to cover the area with a tarp, but some rain still soaks through and pools on the surface, the Wood Protection will tolerate this and additional application will not be required. Only large quantities of water running directly over a horizontal surface can leach some of the wood protection. The rain protection process is complete once the Surface Protection has dried. It’s a good idea to keep a tarp handy in case of changes in weather.

Can SiOO:X be used on newly installed, pressure-treated wood?

Since pressure-treated wood has been saturated with liquid, it cannot absorb SiOO:X until it feels dry to the touch, which usually takes about two months. If you really want the green color to disappear quickly, wait a little longer before application.

Can SiOO:X be used on all types of wood?

SiOO:X Premium Deck is used for pressure-treated pine, larch, hardwoods, heart pine, thermo-treated wood, oak, cedar, etc. SiOO:X Premium Panel is used for sawn spruce and larch paneling, heart pine, cedar, hardwood, thermo-treated wood, timberframe houses and pressure-treated pine. SiOO:X Original products can be used on pressure-treated wood. They can also be used on any other wood suitable for outdoor use, but you should expect a shorter life span. But it is important to choose the right product for the type of wood and conditions. Read the product descriptions and ask if it is unclear which product is right.

Can SiOO:X be used on surfaces painted with copperas?

Yes it can. Paneling can be treated after three to four years. Decking can be treated after two years. Wash the surface with an alkaline cleaner (e.g. decking wash) before treating with SiOO:X.

The surface is great but there’s a little bit of green growth in the shaded corner. Small black spots are developing on the paneling. How do I remove them and why is this happening?

SiOO:X impregnation forms a protective and dirt-repellent coating that also penetrates a fraction of an inch into the wood, which strengthens and binds the wood fibers from within. This improves resistance to mildew and fungal spores. To minimize risk of unwanted growth, it is important to keep the surface clean (preferably with our specially developed Maintenance Wash) and dry since spores and algae thrive in dirt, moisture and shade. By doing so you will protect vulnerable places such as areas under bushes, flower pots, furniture, etc. Nevertheless, if green or black (small black dots) growth should occur, we recommend first gently cleaning with our Maintenance Wash, lukewarm water and a soft brush. An algaecide may be needed for more resistant cases, but preferably diluted with plenty of water. If more aggressive treatment with a brush is needed, additional application of surface protection may be required after washing. Green algae can grow on any material and surface texture not coated with active toxin and are especially prolific in spring and summer following mild winters. This has become a growing problem in Sweden (with the exception of the far north) and has long been a problem in southern Europe.

I have a pool on my wooden deck, can I still use SiOO:X?

Our SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection Deck and Premium Surface Protection Deck are great products for use by pools. In time you may need to improve the surface protection nearest the pool since this is an exceptionally exposed area. It is also important to protect any plastic edges and cover over surfaces such as metal steps and glass surfaces so they do not become blotchy.

How long will the SiOO:X treatment last on my deck?

Up to 8–12 years, depending on how exposed the deck is, the quality of the wood and its condition when first treated. Many people extend the effect by reapplying an additional coat of Surface Protection Deck after 4–5 years.

What should I do if the wood becomes damaged?

You can spot treat using Surface Protection or both Wood Protection and Surface Protection. The surface will return to its even SiOO:X gray color after a few months.

What should I do after 8, 12 or 15 years?

Wash using a deck wash product if the wood surface is affected by growth and repeat the entire treatment.

Can a previously SiOO:X-treated surface be painted?

If you want to use a different kind of surface treatment on an area previously (1) treated with SiOO:X, you must first wash off the surface protection using a pressure washer with deck cleaner. After that the surface can be painted without problems.

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