Maintenance Wash

Quick and simple cleaning is all that is required

After carefully applying the base coat and finish coat, all you have to do is wash the wood surface as needed. This is enough to keep the wood healthy and maintain a lovely light-grey luster for many years to come.


Keep in mind

Can be used on both new and old wood.




  • Keep the wood surface clean of dirt by washing with our maintenance wash, or dilute solution of dishwashing liquid.
  • Do not use a pressure washer. It can damage the outer layer of the wood protection.
  • Do not use cleaners that contain oil, such as soap. Oil residues can discolor the wood and also attract algae and mildew. If you should nevertheless choose to use this type of cleaner – thoroughly rinse the wood surface with water afterwards.
  • Do not clean with deck wash or other strong alkaline products. Such cleaners can damage the outer layer of the wood protection.
  • If superficial algae growth occurs (most common in shaded, damp areas), first wash with our maintenance wash. Should the algae persist, use an algaecide.
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