Twin Gables Vulcan Cladding

SiOO:X Vulcan in The Hamptons


Nestled among the orchards and wineries, the Twin Gable residence on Long Island, NY, combines deliberate modern design functionality with classic farmhouse forms that are familiar to the local vernacular. For the architects “The Up Studio” , the objective was to combine historical references with ample views of nature, and to connect the different parts of the building including a vast yard.


The house’s simple L-form boasts two classic farmhouse gable forms: they cap the second floor of the home and resemble two side-by-side floating barns. The clean-lined gables juxtapose the flat roof terraces of the first floor, creating a compelling dialogue between old vs. new.


  • Location: The Hamptons, New York, USA
  • Time: 2022
  • Architect: The Up Studio
  • Type of Wood: Vulcan Cladding
  • Type of SiOO:X: SiOO:X Premium Panel
  • Photo: Julian Bracero


One gabled form is fully wrapped in SiOO:X-treated Vulcan Cladding, giving a sense of the building as a singular object. This is contrasted against the more traditional metal roof of the gable next door, which features large scale windows that follow the peak of the roofline and provide wide spanning views of mature trees as well as seaside vistas.



Vertical panels of Vulcan Radiata Pine dress the exterior of the home in a subdued, neutral wood-tone with exceptional texture. With over 8000 square feet of SiOO:X-treated Vulcan-timber, Twin Gables exemplifies the versatility of the product. While the wood is used in a tongue and groove format for the exterior cladding and roofing, it also extends to slats overlaid on the timber-clad gable, creating rusticated texture, and to trellised sun shading over the patio by the pool.


With its soft, driftwood hue, the SiOO:X coating helps the building to assimilate with the Hamptons aesthetic. The wooden surface develops over time while SiOO:X penetrates and forms a growing physical barrier deep within the wood fibres. At the same time, the timber’s hue shifts from brown to silvergrey.



But the material was also an apt choice for other practical reasons: Being by the sea, the cladding is likely to encounter some extreme weather: Vulcan, as a thermally modified timber product, is durable and hardy in this kind of climates and won’t warp or bend when exposed to excessive heat. With double protection by termal treatment AND the SiOO:X silicon shield, Twin Gables is likely to stand the test of time.

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