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Vulcan Cladding and Vulcan Decking

Sioo Wood Protection started as a producer of natural silicon-based wood preservatives and today we sell chemistry all over the world. We also manufacture and sell our own wood products: Sioo:x Wood Advance System, ready to use: A collection of pre-treated wood of highest quality.


SiOO:X Vulcan Cladding and Decking


Vulcan products are made from thermally modified and FSC certified New Zealand radiata pine. Thermal modification dramatically increases the durability and stability of wood and results in a brown colouration – effectively creating a new sustainable, environmentally friendly timber species.


Thermal modification is achieved simply by using steam and high temperatures more than 200 degrees Celsius. The real trick to the process is in the cooling and reconditioning phase. This is achieved by using purpose-built computer-controlled kilns that ensure every stick of timber is modified to the correct specification and quality. At the end of the process the chemical and physical properties have been permanently changed.


When you add SiOO:X to Vulcan, you create additional conditions for a long lasting life of the timber and add the Scandinavian idiom to the surface. SiOO:X patented formula strengthens the wood from within and provides a dirt-repellent surface, which makes it difficult for growth to take hold. Our patented formula also protects against light rot and in combination with Vulcan’s thermal modification, the wood material has the best conditions for a long life.


  • Naturally durable in above ground exterior applications = friendly to people and the planet.
  • 50% less swelling and shrinkage = more stable and less movement in service.
  • Naturally improved resistance against rot = easier maintenance over time
  • Harder surface that reduces cracking and chipping – prevents moisture from penetrating in depth and thus extends the service life
  • Made from New Zealand plantation timber = a truly renewable, carbon negative building product




  • Industrial application is carried out when the wood is delivered. End grain should be treated with SiOO:X Wood Protection / End Grain Sealer if new cut surfaces are created during assembly.


The Process:


SiOO:X Vulcan Cladding and Decking products are chocolate-brown upon delivery and turn to grey over time. The chemical process in the wood develops together with water and gradually builds a silicon shield within. The beautiful grain and the almost knot-free surface make Vulcan timber unique and result in a magnificent surface.


Example of Vulcan Cladding upon delivery (left) and after 9 months of maturation. Photo:


SiOO:X produces high performance architectural and structural timbers, as designed by nature. We have a deep respect for the material, the people who use it and where it comes from. Our timbers are harvested from sustainable plantation forests and the products are crafted to be enjoyed for the years to come. Designed to age with grace, our timbers have exceptional weatherability and maintain their durability and beauty for a lifetime.


SiOO:X Vulcan Cladding is ready to mount and needs to be saturated with SiOO:X Surface Protection after 4-7 years. We produce SiOO:X Vulcan Cladding with several different aesthetic designs. In common, however, they are all based on our silicon technology.


SiOO:X Vulcan Decking is available in many standard dimensions. When delivered the product is ready to mount and need to be saturated with SiOO:X Surface Protection after 12-18 months.


SiOO:X Vulcan is available in many standard dimensions. Please send us a requests for detailed information.



22×90 mm, 22×190 mm, 22×45 mm profiles at 4,2 m and 4,8 m length.

SiOO:X treated clear-coat



27x140mm profiles at 4,2m and 4,8m length

SiOO:X treated clear-coat.

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