SiOO:X Spruce Cladding

Sioo:x Wood Advance System

Pretreated and ready to use*

Choose from

1 clear-coat treatment, 6 shades of protective panel colour or 4 shades of combined treatment for a natural look and feel

Fit for

Industrial buildings, public arenas, home villas, playgrounds and more.

Life span

Up to 12 years.

Sioo Wood Protection started as a producer of natural silicon-based wood preservatives and today we sell chemistry all over the world. We also manufacture and sell our own wood products: Sioo:x Wood Advance System, ready to use: A collection of pre-treated wood of highest quality.


SiOO:X  Spruce Cladding


SiOO:X Spruce Cladding products are factory-treated in a controlled environment in order to last longer and weather more evenly in rough outdoor conditions. The application is thereby smoother and gives a high quality, aesthetically pleasing result. Through the combination of high timber-quality, the silica-treatment and a thouroughly controlled production-chain, you get a wood-product that resists rot attack and mould over a long period of time.


  • Customized profiles, shades and dimensions
  • Spruce from swedish forests, either FSC® or PEFC™ -labeled
  • Fire protection class D




  • Industrial application is carried out when the wood is delivered. Wood ends, rips and joints must be treated with SiOO:X Wood Protection / End Grain Sealer if new cut surfaces are created during assembly.


SiOO:X Spruce Cladding comes in a variety of wood protective treatments: clear-coat, shaded and stained.


The experience of colors is highly personal and digital or printed images of colors will always be able to deviate from reality. The colors are therefore only intended as guidelines. Age of wood, type of wood, lighting conditions and number of pigmented coats will therefore affect the full depth and intensity of the colour.



SiOO:X wood protection system  consists of a base coat and an additional finish coat. Together they penetrate and form a strong interface with the wood, resulting in natural silver-gray wood surfaces. The 6 shades in SiOO:X Spruce Cladding contain pigments in both the Wood-Protection and the Surface Protection. The four lighter shades are a combination of a clear-coat and a pigmented treatment, showing the wood-structure  more clearly.  Keep in mind that the lighter Fog Grey can fade slightly over time. With SIOO:X, the natural gray color will always develop under the pigments. This process ensures that the wood is protected even in an area where the color has aged or disappeared.

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