SiOO:X Heart Pine Decking

SiOO:X Wood Advance System

Pretreated and ready to use

High quality wood

High proportion of heartwood and 3 layers of SiOO:X treatment, indicating the natural grey colour right from the start

Fit for

Decks, jetties, patios

Life Span

8-15 years

Sioo Wood Protection started as a producer of natural silicon-based wood preservatives and today we sell chemistry all over the world. We also manufacture and sell our own wood products: Sioo:x Wood Advance System, ready to use: A collection of pre-treated wood of highest quality.


SiOO:X Heart Pine Decking


SiOO:X Heart Pine Decking is factory-treated in a controlled environment in order to last longer and weather more evenly in rough outdoor conditions. The application is thereby smoother and gives a high quality, aesthetically pleasing result. Through the combination of high timber-quality, the silica-treatment and a thouroughly controlled production-chain, you get a wood-product that resists rot attack and mould over a long period of time.


The timber comes from the innermost and hardest part of the pine logs and consists of about 98% heartwood. Logged in the forests of northern Sweden, the Pine Heartwood comes from slow-growing trees and has a long service life. The wood-products are always certified, by either FSC ® and PEFC ™.


SiOO:X Pine Heartwood is a good environmental choice that has very little impact on the environment as it is not pressure impregnated but pre-treated with the SiOO:X system. The heartwood is rich in nature’s own impregnation substances, among which resins and fats that are stored in the fibers to protect the wood. Heartwood leads almost no water and its main task is to provide strength and stability to the tree. These valuable natural properties serve us in making wood products that are exposed to moisture and wetness and must have good resistance against rot. For the pine, this is due, among other things, to the formation of an extractive substance called pinosyl acid, which inhibits fungal growth.


By strengthening the surface with SIOO:X, we have created a product that is protected from the first day, comfortable to walk on and beautiful for the eye. The aesthetically pleasing grey surface is a result of the SiOO:X patented silicon/potassium maturation which continues throughout the lifespan. With a 3-layer treatment, whereof one is pigmented, we achieve an indication of a naturally weathered grey colour right from the start.  After about 2-3 years, the wood naturally darkens.



  • Naturally durable in above ground exterior applications = friendly to people and the planet.
  • Form stable due to the low proportion of water in the timber = more stable and less movement in service.
  • Naturally, improved resistance against light rot = easier maintenance over time
  • Harder surface that reduces cracking and chipping = prevents moisture from penetrating in depth and thus extends the service life
  • Made of high-quality Swedish wood = locally grown and good for you and nature
  • Supplied indicatively colored with SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection and Surface Protection- simplifies assembly and immediately gives a fresh look
  • The timber is traceability certified according to FSC ® and PEFC ™




  • Industrial application is carried out when the wood is delivered. End grain should be treated with SiOO:X Wood Protection / End Grain Sealer if new cut surfaces are created during assembly.


SiOO:X Wood Advance System provide products that has already been pre-treated with SiOO:X.  Even Heart Pine Decking is ready-made and can be applied directly to the deck. Treated wood is well protected against cracks, mildew, algae, rot and is dirt and water repellent. On decks and patios an annual cleaning is recommended and often sufficient to enjoy a beautiful silver-grey surface for years


SiOO:X Heart Pine Decking  is available in many standard dimensions. When delivered the product is ready to mount and it needs to be saturated with SiOO:X Surface Protector after 12-18 months.



28×120, 28×145 mm

SiOO:X Treated – indicative colour

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