SiOO:X End Grain One Sealer

End Grain Sealer in just one step

For all cut and exposed board edges to prevent moisture ingress

Used on wood species that have high natural rot protection

SiOO:X forms an effective water repellant woodsurface which reduces water uptake into the end grain

A part of the SiOO:X-system

Easy to hand-brush and entirely compatible with the SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection system

SiOO:X End Grain One Sealer protects wood with only one treatment with silicon-based, silane- and siloxane-emulsions. SIOO:X End Grain One Sealer gives a water repellent surface that is open to diffusion.


AREAS OF USE: For protection of end grain timbers in cladding boards, patio/decking and other constructions members, battens. Seals end grain and cut surfaces in one treatment, on wood species that have high natural rot protection, such as: core-rich woods (pine core), pressure-impregnated or thermo-treated wood, many tropical wood species, heartwood and oak.


RESULTS: SiOO:X forms a special effective water repellant woodsurface which reduces water uptake into the end grain. This reduces blackening and damages from water, like dirt and mould, and creates a protective barrier against microbiological attack from decay fungi and rot.


PREPARATIONS: Cover furniture, objects that are sensitive to splashes, as well as glass, aluminum, stones and tiles – the product can leave stains. As equipment you require vessel, brush, covering material, and cloth.


APPLICATION of SIOO:X End Grain One Sealer: Treat end grains with a brush, wet on wet until the wood is saturated. Immediately wipe off any spills with a wet cloth. Can be dried with a heat gun, avoid boiling. Treat preferably before assembly. Avoid water marks. Avoid rain from the start until 60 minutes after the application. Lowest temperature for use: +10°C.


NOTICE: Shake and stir this product before and during treatment, to avoid inconsistent treatment.

It is important to follow national building regulations. Durability varies with wood type and installation. Lifespan up to 15 years refers to vertically mounted panels. SiOO:X End Grain One Sealer should be applied a second time after approx. 3–7 years on exposed areas and where you can access.


NOTE! For protection of wood with low durability, wood with much sapwood, or wood in risky environments of construction, use the products: SiOO:X End Grain Sealer which is a two Steps system.


COVERAGE RATE: 1 liter for approx. 1 m2 (1 dl=1dm2). Older and dry wood has higher consumption. Cut surfaces that are not end grains, have a lower consumption.


SHELF LIFE: Store in 5-30 C°. Shelf life in unopened container is up to 2 years. After use, fill open containers well. Rinse and recycle empty container.

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