Cleaning of treated surfaces with heavy dirt and algae growth

Cleaning of treated surfaces with heavy dirt and algae growth.


  • Wood strengthening cleaning for treatment with SiOO:X Wood Protection.
  • Cleaning of extra particularly exposed and damaged SiOO:X-treated surfaces with algae growth and heavy dirt.
  • Also dissolves and removes SiOO:X Surface Protection. Important to reapply SiOO:X Surface Protection to complete the SiOO:X treatment.
  • Opens greasy, hard or planed surfaces, which promotes penetration of SiOO:X Wood Protection.



Carefully clean the deck with SiOO:X Prewash to remove oil, paint, grease and dirt. Remove any remaining oil and paint by washing or sanding. A rotating brush attached to a high-pressure washer can be helpful. Rinse with water and allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Cover furniture and objects made of glass or aluminum – the products are alkaline and can leave stains. Use protective gloves. Planed surfaces must be sanded with 80 grit paper prior to treatment.



Lowest temperature for use: 0°C. Wipe away spills immediately with a wet rag. SiOO:X Prewash is not intended to remove stubborn oil and paint.



Use a 1:4 dilution for normal cleaning, for easier cleaning 1:8. Rinse the surface with water, apply the pre-wash with a paintbrush, brush or sponge and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Scrub with brush, rinse with water. When cleaning surfaces treated with SiOO:X using SiOO:X Prewash, some of the SiOO:X Surface Protection is dissolved. Finish off with a coat of SiOO:X Surface Protection when the surface has dried.


Amount required

One litre of diluted liquid is enough for about 4-5 square metres, depending on the degree of dirt and dilution.



Potassium silicate and surfactants.

Store frost-free. Sort rinsed packaging as hard plastic.

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