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SiOO:X products, SiOO:X treated timber and coating services

Products for factory and hand application

Sioo are distributing their products through Machined Timber Specialists Ltd in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow – a high quality recognised supply partner in the timber industry.


Machined Timber Specialists (MTS) are our Main Distributor and Specification Partner across the island of Ireland. From their factory in Kiltegan, MTS provide comprehensively dried, high quality timber treated with SiOO:X on their universal coater. In-depth timber technology advice is provided at project design and specification stages with an emphasis on design detail and aftercare. The company have provided SiOO:X treatment on an impressive range of projects.  Working with some of the most innovative architectural practices with a strong design ethos, MTS have supplied SiOO:X aesthetically attractive protection solutions for buildings and structures in the private, public and charitable sectors.


Visit Machined Timber Specialists


Bullford Business Campus,
Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow
Phone: +353 1 281 2106
Email: [email protected]




For factory purposes and small-scale application 


SiOO:X Impregnation is a two component system consisting of Premium Wood Protector and Premium Surface Protector prepared for factory application. The components are supplied in 10, 20 and 60 litre containers and 600 and 1000 litre IBC’s. Smaller containers in 1, 3 and 5 liter sizes are available for hand application for maintenance and end grain sealing purposes. Sample 250 ml bottles are available.


More advice and special inquiries


Our supplier can provide customer guidance and advice. Additional advice and technical support can be obtained directly from Sioo Wood Protection, whether this be for clients, architects and specifiers, contractors and specialist trades.  A range of Panel Colours based on the SiOO:X-technologies is available for factory-application.  If required, SiOO:X can even be treated to achieve fire-protection class B. Please contact MTS or Sioos support for details.