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Treating wood with Sioo:x Impregnation

Sioo:x is a wood modification system which to work effectively needs to penetrate the timber substrate as far as possible.


The SiOO:X Wood Protection system is very easy to apply. The fluids have a viscosity just less than water and flow and coat extremely effectively. The treatment should be applied by factory coating (or by hand for maintenance and sealing) by SiOO:X approved distributors and specialist coaters. Fully factory finished timber ensures that the treatment is applied under controlled factory conditions, no matter how challenging the weather is outside and is strongly preferred.


SiOO:X is designed for treatment to professional standards. In wet and humid maritime climates, such as apply in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is particularly important to achieve maximum impregnation of the SiOO:X treatment into the surface substrate and into all surfaces, edges, end grains and any tongue and groove details. It is highly advisable to treat the back sides of timber exposed to external conditions. Any sawn ends, created in the factory or during site construction must be treated with the SiOO:X End Grain Sealer or a proprietary end grain sealer. Good penetration of the wood is the key to a good finish and long life.

Preparation and Application

Sioo:x is a penetrant. To achieve the best performance it needs to be able to penetrate the timber substrate to a sufficient depth.

There are good practices that need to be adhered to, including:


  • A sawn surface finish should be chosen wherever possible as this opens the surface so that the maximum penetration of the SiOO:X products into the timber occurs by surface coating.

  • Planed dressed surfaces should not be used as the smooth glazed surface resists penetration. If the timber is supplied in a dressed form it must be sanded with no finer sanding paper than a 60 grit grade.

  • All sharp board edges and sill edges should be removed.

  • The timber should be kiln-dried to a preferable 16% moisture content.

  • The Sioo:x treatment should be factory applied by a Sioo:x approved distributor/coater in factory controlled conditions.

  • The treatment should be applied to all timber surfaces, the back and front, and all timber edges.

Hand treatment vs. factory treatment

To achieve the best professional standards and maximum penetration it is necessary to apply the treatment to sawn surfaces. On planed surfaces it is important to remove machine glaze (using no finer than an 60 grit paper) to allow the treatment to penetrate the wood structure.


On delivery to the project site, treated timber should be separated and any protective wrapping removed to allow air circulation. Store under cover – not in exposed ground contact situations.


For new timber the best professional results are obtained by having the timber treated by SiOO:X approved factory coaters in controlled factory conditions resulting in optimum application rates and drying environment. The best results are obtained on kiln dried timber below 20% moisture content. Treated timber should be separated on drying racks and ideally allowed to stand for an initial curing period before shipment. The curing process is initiated by spraying with water.


Factory coating gives better quality and production control for larger private and commercial projects and containers of 10 liter size and over are supplied for Industrial Application Only.


The treatment should be applied in dry conditions and in a good drying environment at temperatures above 10 degrees centigrade. Hand treatment works well for small projects but unless the timber can be treated adequately inside, the best time to treat outside is in the spring and summer months. Outdoor treatment between October and April is not recommended.


Both SiOO:X components are entirely environmentally friendly and contain no toxins and are emission free. They can be applied by hand taking the normal precaution to protect the face and hands and with the confidence of no contamination risk in sensitive multi-product factory coating environments.

Coverage rates

Sioo:x Premium Wood Protector (also the light-grey and mid-grey products):

First treatment coat – 6-8 m² per litre

Second treatment coat – 10-12 m² per litre


Sioo:x Premium Surface Protector (also the light grey and mid-grey products)

Final coat –  8-12 m² per litre


N.B Consumption of the treatment fluid varies depending on the type of wood, surface structure, moisture content and age.

The thermo wood is penetrated by the treatment extremely well at rates up to 50% more than the above.