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A unique wood preservative

All wood for outdoor use – siding, decking, garden furniture, and fencing must be treated to withstand weather and wind. Most often this is done using oil or paint, which can be time consuming and expensive. SiOO:X Wood Protection is a much better solution to this problem.


The SiOO:X natural protective wood treatment offers you impregnation for wood that is more than environmentally friendly, it also reduces rot, algae, mildew, and dirt for many years to come.


“SiOO:X products are based on an entirely new concept compared to other wood preservatives. These are based on silicon that penetrates into the wood to become a physical repellent. Fungi and other organisms are then prevented from getting to any depth. We also use potassium to supplement the silicon to improve penetration into the wood, as compared to sodium, which is used in many other marketed products. Sodium is a cheaper material, but has poorer properties,” related Börje Gevert, one of our product experts at Sioo Wood Protection AB.


Silicon and sodium are naturally occurring minerals found in our natural world, and are part of wood, other plants, and in humans.


“Using a base of silicon is significantly better than simply using iron sulphate or glaze. We have glazes in our siding products, but combined with good surface treatment. We sell 6 nuances from light to dark grey. Using pigments this way gives an immediate color where you don’t need to wait for the wood to grey naturally.”


With SiOO:X protective wood treatment on your deck, for example, you get a water-repellent and vapor-permeable floor that slowly turns to a beautiful silver-grey and is soft and pleasant to walk on. While staying non-slip.


“The grey color is the result of natural greying processes in wood – as wood ages when exposed to sun, it turns grey. Our treatment simply speeds this process without damaging the wood. That’s how we make our popular grey surface.”


When you treat wood using our SiOO:X wood protection products, it will last up to 15 years (read more in the information for each product). The product penetrates into the wood and combines with the natural protection of the wood.


“You get several effects when using our products. First this involves the wood greying, but also the natural protective treatment. This also highlights the wood structure and grain much better. The silicon treatment lasts very long, the preservative may need retouching.”


SiOO:X products are designed for outdoor environments, but even if you can use them indoors, you get the best results outdoors.


“The water has an important function in how it works, since it helps the preservative penetrate into the cellulose of the wood. You simply need the slight moisture and vapor you naturally get outdoors for the silicon to perform as it should.”


The products binds the surface together to make it harder and longer lasting. SiOO:X also uses potassium with the silicon to enhance penetration and bind the wood fibers together.


“We’ve also developed an even better surface treatment than previously. The wet strength of our new generation surface treatment means it is even easier to clean and the surface stays dry and clean longer.”


The material is also dirt-repellent, so you don’t need to wash, and scrub your deck all the time. You simply give it a quick rinse with SiOO:X Maintenance Wash. Washing wood, as with decking can have it’s own problems, since you can easily remove outer fibers from the wood, which damages the surface. SiOO:X products reinforce the wood surface. The wood preservative penetrates deep into the wood attaching to it. This makes it easier to wash away algae and black mold,” concludes Mr. Gevert.

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