SiOO:X with CE-marked Fire Protection

In a groundbreaking development, we are proud to introduce a new offering: timber coated with both SiOO:X Wood Protection and Burnblock® Fire Retardant treatment. It is of paramount importance in the design of any building structure to consider the safety of the buildings occupants and users. An appropriate fire performance should be considered for all components used in any construction.

An industry leading fire retardant treatment

Sioo has worked closely with its partners, Russwood and Burnblock, to bring to architects and designers the SiOO:X coloured finish alongside fire retardant treatment. This industry leading innovation allows for the combination of Burnblock® Fire Retardant and SiOO:X Wood Protection, making it the sole certified system of its kind in the UK.


The integrated Burnblock® and SiOO:X system has undergone comprehensive fire testing according to EN 13501-1 standards, achieving a Euroclass B-s1, d0 rating.


This system uses a specially developed version of SiOO:X, available with Russwood’s own audited and CE mark certified process for applying the system on fire  retardant treated timber. It carries full 3rd party certification and the SiOO:X – Burnblock combination brings many synergies, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly consisting of 100% natural ingredients.


Delivering now applied to a wide range of timber species! More information can be obtained from Russwood, see links below.


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