The SiOO:X treatment highlights the natural aging luster of the teak surface without breaking it down. On the contrary, SiOO:X enhances the natural strength of the surface with silicon. Did you know that teak wood contains about 5% silicon?

A closer look shows how well SiOO:X binds the wood fibers and “preserves” the valuable teak surface.

The silver-gray teak surface is outstandingly beautiful in the natural shoreline setting.

SiOO:X helps prevent the breakdown of teak as the eco-friendly silicon products preserve the surface. Even old teak decks can be rescued and given new life!

Premium Wood/Surface Protection Marine: the perfect problem-solver. In addition, you save time and help to protect our environment. The result is a stunningly beautiful, durable surface. SiOO:X is an original Swedish product for eco-friendly silicon impregnation of all things wooden, both old and new. Provides a natural teak-gray clean, smooth and cool wood surface. Effectively repels water while allowing the wood to breathe naturally.