With its silver-gray siding, Vann Spa Hotel and Conference is seen here from Gullmarsfjorden, beautifully nestled in the greenery of Bohuslän.

The outdoor environment is incredibly important for the guest experience at Vann and the large decks are used extensively.

The original brick facade has been covered with Sioo-treated wood paneling that has achieved a beautiful silver-gray patina.

“Since many of our spa guests often walk barefoot to our outdoor pool, it is important that the decks are easy to maintain and comfortable to walk on,” says hotel manager Susanne Åhlund.

Hotel manager Susanne Åhlund appreciates how the silver-gray nuance of the siding and deck blends with the rocks and surrounding natural elements.


Vann Spa and Conference is beautifully situated in a natural setting on the shores of Gullmarsfjorden in northern Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden. When the hotel was taking shape in 2009 the Wingårdh architectural firm chose to use wooden slats as siding on the facade facing the water and to create several wooden decks on different levels. All wood surfaces were treated with wood protection from SiOO:X.

Hotel manager Susanne Åhlund relates how incredibly important the exterior environment is for the guest experience at Vann. Guests gather their first impressions from the exterior and also the large decks are extensively used, especially during the warmer part of the year.

“Many guests are impressed by the architecture and by the exterior wood siding. They find it to be really awesome,” says Susanne Åhlund and adds:

“What I really appreciate about the silver-gray color of our siding and decks is how the building blends in so well with the rocks and other natural elements around it.