SiOO:X-treated deck at Apellebacken, Gösslunda, Sweden. Before and after 1 year. Photo: @apellebacken och Richard Hansson.

Christer and Ingrid spend lots of time on their deck, which encircles their house in Kviberg, Gothenburg. They had wanted a lighter deck for a long time and finally decided on SiOO:X. This is how they transformed their dark deck into a silver-gray, durable and maintenance-free wood surface. The photos show the results after 3 years.

Thirty-year old dock restored using SiOO:X. The results after 1 year are great. SiOO:X impregnation cleans and protects the wood from algae and dirt, while preventing slippery build-up for at least 5 years with just simple maintenance. Before using SiOO:X the surface was pressure-washed several times a year, but there were still significant problems.

SiOO:X-treated larch after 3 years, Kviberg, Gothenburg.

Here are some photos comparing results before and after SiOO:X treatment.